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Classified Advertising Rates

Minimum: $7.50 for up to 15 words, 20 cents per word for each additional word. Same ad repeated with no changes, minimum: $7.00 for 15 words and 20 cents for each additional word. "Card of Thanks" and "In Memoriam" notices are the same as classified rate.
Bordered classifieds are $3.00 extra.

General Advertising Rates

Open Local Display$11.00
National Rate$12.90( -15%, 2%)
National Representative - NC Press Services

6-Week Contract Rates

Over 126 inches$7.10
95 + inches$7.70
63 + inches$7.90
31.5 + inches$8.25
15 + inches$8.50
8 + inches$8.80
4 + inches$9.10

13-Week Contract Rates

Over 126 inches$6.85
95 + inches$7.45
63 + inches$7.65
31.5 + inches$8.00
15 + inches$8.25
8 + inches$8.55
4 + inches$8.85

26-Week Contract Rates

Over 126 inches$6.70
95 + inches$7.30
63 + inches$7.50
31.5 + inches$7.85
15 + inches$8.10
8 + inches$8.40
4 + inches$8.70

Contract Rates

Applies only to advertisers agreeing to place a minimum sized advertisement in each edition of the paper for the period covered by the contract. Contract rates do not apply to Annual Bulk Rates.

Annual Bulk Rates

Over 6,708 inches per year$6.35
1,561-6,708 inches per year$6.95
572-1,560 inches per year$8.75
208-571 inches per year$9.00

Color Rates

Maximum: Black and three colors. Notice of color is required one week prior to publication. Full color $50.00.

Modular Rates

Full page (126")$1419.00
1/2 page (63+")$709.50
1/4 page (31.5+")$354.75
1/8 page (15+")$177.38

Insert Pricing

$65.00 per thousand1-4 pages
$70.00 per thousand6-12 pages
$75.00 per thousand14-22 pages
$80.00 per thousand24-26 pages
$85.00 per thousand28-32 pages

Special Services

The News will make photographs for ads for a charge of $10.00 per picture, plus expenses.

Extra charges will be made for special layouts or typestyles other than our normal selec- tion which must be set outside our printing facilities.

Advertisers wishing to be provided a proof of their ads should submit advertising copy by the Friday preceding the insertion date of the ad. There is no extra charge for proofs of ads..

Special Pages

> > >
Business Card Page$25.00
Community Calendar Page$40.00
Church Page$20.00
Medical Guide$30.00
Spotlight.....13 Week Contract$45.00 per week
Annual.....26 Week Contract$45.00 per week
These ads must be run a minimum of 4 weeks and will continue until the newspaper is notified to cancel them.

Legal or Tabular Advertising Rates

1 insertion $11.00 per inch. Multiple run legal ads set in a 10 point type or larger, billed at regular display advertising rates.

Political Rate

Cash in advance: $11.00
Cash in advance is required for all political ads. Political ads must carry the name of person(s) or the treasurer of the organization(s) responsible for payment.

Non-Profit Rate

A special rate of $9.00 per column inch is applicable to an approved list of civic organizations and non-profit groups. This list is updated each 6 months. Groups may apply for placement on the list by mailing a letter stating information about the group to The Butner-Creedmoor News, P.O. Box 726, Creedmoor, N.C. 27522.

Executive Notices

Executive or Administrative Notices Which are Required to Settle Estates.

Executor, Administrator, Executrix, or Administratrix Notices which are required to run 4 times are charged at the rate of $140.00 for the entire run. An affidavit will be furnished at the end of the run at no additional charge. Payment for executive notices is required in advance. Notarized affidavits will be mailed by certified mail to the clerk of court. There will be a charge of $35.00 for additional notarized copies when required.

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